Southwest Airlines Buckles, Won’t Fire Unvaccinated Employees

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Isn’t that the same as “unpaid leave”?

Dishonest Journalist Alert: Don’t you love those headlines that say “Supreme Court blocks” this or that challenge to The Mandate–and then you read the story and find out it was a hearing with just a single justice, not the 9-judge court. So if it’s one of the Far Left judges, you’re going to get a Far Left ruling. But the noozies–now a “protected class” on Facebook–are always trying to deceive the public. Anyone who ever told the truth on a CNN broadcast would probably spontaneously combust.

Meanwhile, Southwest Airlines has abandoned its plan to fire all employees who haven’t been “vaccinated” by Dec. 8.

(Why did you put “vaccinated” in quotes? Because it’s more dishonesty! Those COVID “vaccines” are not vaccines in the sense we’ve always understood the word. They are more a kind of gene therapy–and no one knows what the long-term results might be.)

Is everyone a liar anymore? “Not fired, Caesar! We have put them on unpaid leave.” Like there’s a difference?

United Airlines wanted to can everybody who didn’t consent to receive the gene therapy shot, but a federal judge put a stop to it.

And the airline pilots’ union (I didn’t know they had one!) has also come out against the so-called vaccine.

So… the Mandate Mob isn’t finding America a pushover like Australia: we’re not going to let them treat us like convicts. We probably were wrong to allow them to do “lockdowns” in the first place; but that’s because we erred in taking the government’s good intentions for granted. :Patrick Henry would have warned us against ever making that mistake.

Maybe–God willing and helping!–America can lead the world back to freedom.

But first we’ve got to replace our, uh… leaders.

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  1. Be careful with these supposed corporate “backdowns” on the shot mandates. They usually contain catches such as mandatory weekly testing instead, or exemptions for certain narrow cases, or shifts to other (lower paid or lower status) positions within a company, and so on. The fix is on. They’re determined to get everyone shot with this experimental gene modifier come what may. And who the “they” may be is still not fully known.

    1. I am praying that we find the courage to defend and keep our liberties, and not just give them up as Australia has done.

      Really–are we going to throw away over 200 years of history because Dr. Freakin’ Fauci sez so?

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