Hottest Pogo Stick News!

Do you mind, out there, if I don’t do any nooze today? Really, the stories are flowing into the “I Don’t Want to Believe It!” zone.

As an alternative, I offer this boy and his pogo stick, showing off his ability to hop up and down a sidewalk and the front porch step. Kid, when I had a pogo stick, I went up and down whole flights of stairs–and if my mother could’ve seen it, she would’ve had conniptions.

I wonder if I could do that today. I could change my name to “Bustyer Kiester.” I dunno: things you did as a matter of course at 12 years old seem downright suicidal 60 years later.

But I think we should all have pogo sticks. It’d help us keep our sanity.

10 comments on “Hottest Pogo Stick News!

  1. I know better than to try anything like that. I’m lucky if I can stay upright just with ordinary walking. I know several other people who share this problem with me.

  2. I used to ride a skate board when I was a child. I got on one about 10 years ago to see if I still could. No, I could not, and almost killed myself.

  3. I feel deprived in never having had a pogo stick. But then again, when I was a kid I had many other ways of obtaining my scabby knees and elbows.

    1. I got to the point where I could jump my pogo stick up and down the bleachers at the high school football field. I look back on this and shudder violently. Great gloms, what was I thinking???

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