Where Tragedy Drifts Into Farce: the G20 Meeting

The world’s ruling class is garbage, and they keep on proving it.

At their big pow-wow in Glasgow, we have France trying to get nuclear reactors reclassified as “green energy,” world leaders putting on their stupid masks when they see the camera and taking them off as soon as the camera goes away… and our own Doddering Joe Biden showing up late for the press conference because he and his staff, as he put it, “were playing with the elevators” ( https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/10/biden-claims-late-meeting-playing-elevators-no-one-believes-really-cares/).   Well, we suspected he never could tell up from down.

I hope they laid in a good supply of Play-Doh.

Look at these skraelings who claim the right to rule us! They can’t even press the right buttons on an elevator, and they they want to press all our buttons.

Yo, Glasgow! Make these people disappear, and the whole world will be in your debt forever.

9 comments on “Where Tragedy Drifts Into Farce: the G20 Meeting

  1. They preach Climate Change to us as they fly in with private jets that add more green house gas emissions to the atmosphere than Scotland produces in a year – hypocrites, and we know what Jesus thought of hypocrites.

  2. The hypocrisy is sickening. My province is still under medical tyranny, my own daughters have turned into mask nazis, and my 2 yr old grand nephew is getting tested for the Vid, so he can see Grandma and she’ll be “safe” to visit ill relatives, while people are being denied transplants without the jab and children with broken bones are being kicked out of emergency rooms because Mom wasn’t injected, but our PM is out partying, with no masks, no “social” distancing, and no restrictions.

    We need to overthrow our governments.

  3. In Canada, it is illegal to mandate vaccine. Our PM even said so, at the beginning of the “pandemic” and it was something that could score him political points. We even have a 2017 amendment to our health act specifically stating that vaccines cannot be mandated, because it goes against our human rights codes, federally and provincially. And yet, our various levels of government are pushing mandates (except for themselves) anyway, and people are not only complying, but demanding even harsher mandates and illegal punishments for those who don’t comply. It’s mind boggling.

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