Our Smart Cat

Smart Cat in the graduate cap Stock Photo by ©Madllen 75656903

How insightful are cats? Well, think about this.

Our cat, Robbie, has to get thyroid medicine. It’s an ointment that I rub into her ear. It’s not hot, not cold, doesn’t sting–but she’d still rather not have it, and circumambulates the whole apartment, staying just a step out of reach.

So we changed and had Patty try to corral this cat. That worked very well for a while, until last night. Patty followed the doggone cat three times (!) around the coffee table and quite lost her patience. And so did I.

“You’ve done it now!” I fumed. “We’re both mad at you!”

And waddaya know! Guess who made a beeline for the chair and hopped right up there to get her ointment.

She knew the jig was up. And took wise and appropriate action.

Smart kitty!

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  1. That is an amazing story. She has been living around two smart people long enough to begin to fathom what the human ways are. Makes it easier, doesn’t it?

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