Yes, They Think We’re Stupid

Parents' disconnect on critical race theory has enflamed elections

No, the parents (who pay for these schools!) don’t like it.

American parents detest “Critical Race Theory,” and well they should. It “teaches” school children that everything that’s ever been wrong with America is white people’s fault, all whites are born racists, America is a racist hell-hole, and non-whites are merely hapless victims who can’t do anything for themselves. And so parents naturally want to get it chucked out of the public schools they pay for.

Democrats, instead of listening to the people, are now denying that there’s even such a thing as CRT and that it certainly isn’t being taught in schools–even though it’s listed as “an important resource” on the official website of the Virginia Dept. of Education. They say there’s no such thing. In the words of lame-duck Gov. Ralph Northam–who posed in blackface for his college yearbook–CRT is only “a dog whistle that the Republicans are using to frighten people.” And they’ve got the Biden Justice Dept. branding parents as “domestic terrorists.”

And so, to deceive the people–whom they think are profoundly stupid–they have simply given CRT another name. Now it’s “DEI,” standing for “diversity, equity, and inclusion” ( And gee whiz, you can’t be against those! That’d be like being against “liberty, equality, and fraternity”–those cute French Revolution buzzwords that sent a lot of people to the guillotine.

This crapola has deep roots. Years ago, when I was on hall duty in a certain high school, I heard a white teacher tell his roomful of black students that “All white authority is illegitimate.” If that’s so, sunshine, what are you doing up in front of the class when you should be sitting in the back–your authority being illegitimate?

And all it is is Democrats demogoguing people to hate and fear each other based on race, so they can divide and rule. Could anything be more evil? Honk if you don’t think so.

We’ll have a big fight on our hands, normal people against Far Left teachers’ unions and wacky “educators,” to get this evil nonsense thrown out of our schools. They will not listen to us. They have no respect for us.

The only meaningful and effective recourse we have is to pull our children out of public schools and either school them ourselves at home or send them to Christian schools–not all of which are as advertised.

Let them demogogue to empty classrooms… and see how long that lasts.

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  1. The Left does think the people are stupid. Sure they will act up for a while but give it time and they will go back to their complacency and letting the schools raise their children. And they may be right – think about the Tea Party movement that was here today and gone tomorrow. That is why I am on the Trump Train, Donald Trump is not going anywhere as long as his country needs him.

    1. That’s one of his strong points–but he can’t do it alone, he needs better people around him than he had during his first term.

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