Are the Big Shots Stupid, Too?

Our world leaders think we’re stupid. That’s what entitles them to abuse us. But are they as stupid as they think we are?

You bet your topknot they are.

To sell its  Climbit Chainge scam, the United Nations Corrupt Dictators Club has produced a video in which a computer-generated dinosaur lectures the General Assembly that “going extinct is a bad thing.”

And it’s all our fault, see, because we burn fossil fuels! Boo! Hiss! Why, everybody knows we have a moral obligation to adopt a 12th-century standard of living! While all our leaders zoom around on private jets, live in colossal mansions that use more electricity in a day than a whole town uses in a week, and plot to reduce our numbers by any means necessary, leaving just enough of us to be their slaves–

I want to scream sometimes.

So they’re gonna sell this deal to us with the aid of a computer-generated dinosaur. Maybe they’ll bring back Barney the Dinosaur to sell it to the kids.

Climate Change! COVID! Systemic racism! Shudder, cringe–only government can save us! By creating fear and panic and then promising to save us.

Just for the record, there is no man-made “climate change.”

Well, I guess there’s something to be said for an imaginary dinosaur to be discussing an imaginary crisis.


2 comments on “Are the Big Shots Stupid, Too?

  1. There is climate change, but I believe that it’s far larger than anything humans can even begin to influence. Right now, the sunspot cycle is trending downwards and we can expect cooler weather for the 50 years or so. Other Grand Solar Minimums have produced years where rivers remained frozen over year ‘round. Climate and sunspot activity track one another, closely, and have throughout history. Let’s see them try to claim that human activity is affecting the Sun. I’m sure that they will try.

  2. What do these elites think the electric vehicles they are mandating will run on, power from wind turbines and solar panels? What a joke. And how ironic that the safest source of energy is hydropower and nuclear power and these are the ones they are really against. There is nothing more ugly than a field of wind turbines or solar panels.

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