Are They Really Quite This Crazy?

It's Alive!

“It’s alive! It’s alive!”

According to the Wall Street Journal, “scientists” in Chinese Communist labs–with American money behind them–have succeeded in creating a “chimera” that’s half-human, half-monkey (

Oh, don’t worry! It’s just a clump of cells–they haven’t grown it into something from a 1950s monster movie. Yet. And anyway, it’s for a noble purpose–to grow organs for patients who need transplants, and to combat disease.

That’s what they always say before they invent a new virus and let it escape from the lab.

Hello? Hello? I’d like to speak to Sanity, please! I want to know why America is in bed with its sworn enemy, tinkering with dangerous germs. I mean, these are the Chicoms, the Bad Guys, Mordor here and now–why are we involved with them?

Speaking or organ transplants, does anybody not know that the Chicoms “harvest” organs from live political prisoners? Why do we have anything to do with them?

Maybe it’s because Democrats admire Communist China and would like to turn our country into a carbon copy of it. Certainly enough of them have said so. I think we should believe them.

Oh, well, how can it be dangerous to cook up chimeras in the lab? So you make it possible for certain diseases to spread from animals to humans, that couldn’t do it before. Surely that research will never be used to harm us!

And I am the Admiral of the Queen’s Nay-Vee!

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  1. why not have a nice comforting hymn? Sweet Hour of Prayer. There are several nice versions on youtube.

  2. God will not be happy about tampering with his design. There’s reason to believe that sort of stuff was going on in Noah’s day, which is why the world had to be destroyed.

  3. Why isn’t Anthony Fauci in prison for killing millions of people worldwide? 85% of Americans who died from Covid (so they tell us) wouldn’t have it they were given proper medications from the get-go, like Ivermectim & Hydroxychlorophine. What is super immoral is Fauci and those of his ilk refused to approve of them so pharmacists, who are prisoners of today’s medical system, could not even fill prescriptions for them from doctors who did their own research on Covid.

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