McBeth Fore Evry Boddy Who Thay “Are” Not Wyte!!

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We fowneded Out “that” Harvord U. thay hased a spatial Play that “ownly” yiu werr aloud “To” see Iff yiu Idennafyed as Black whith “a” capatol B!!!! It is a Excloosiff Safe Spaice For not beeing wyte!!!!!

Well we “can” “do” that Tooo!!!!!!!! The Play thay shode “At” Harvord it is cauled McBeth it is abuot a sails man who dyes!!!!! I forgett whoo wroted it! Soopy Sails I “thinck”!! This sails man he dyes from Sistembick Racism!!!!! and his Livver it fawls on the Flooor!!

Yiu can ownly “sea” this heer Play iff yiu Idennafye as Black!!!! And we maid “It” better then Harvord,, peeple who Idennafye as Wyte thay has to pay “yore” “whaiy” “In”!”!

Then Somb boddy thay sayed C”an’t Enny Boddy jist SAY thay” Idennafye “as Black and gett owt of “paying” foar The tickit?”?”? Can”t” Somb boddy whoo Is wyte jist SAY thay “are” Black?”?” Affter we beet himb up we Hadded to thinck “abote” that Foar a wile!!!!!

We hadded a Brillyint Idear!!!!! that is becose Collidge it “maiks” yiu Smart!! We desided thare wood “be” a Seacrit Pass Wurd and no One Butt “Blax” wood be allowed to know “whatt” it Was!!!! It took howers to thinck “Of” one but we finely desided the Pass Wuird it wood be Jimby Crack Corn and ownly Blacks wood Know “it”.!

It is wunndrafull to do Socile Jutstus!!!!!!!!!!


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