Good Night! Kamala to be Named to Supreme Court?

She May Very Well Hold the Key to Biden's Win' - POLITICO

Why is she laughing? Did we just sell Texas to Red China?

This is one of those “Say it ain’t so, Joe!” moments. The story’s coming from CNN, though, so it may very well be moonshine.

With the whole Biden, um, “administration” underwater in the polls, and “Vice President” Kamala Harris blamed for dragging the whole business down to the bottom of the vat, Democrats are pondering ways to get rid of her (according to CNN) without touching off more race riots. The solution to the problem, as devised by some ingenious White House aides, is to nominate No. 1 Woman Of Color to the United States Supreme Court ( Heck, they want to pack the court anyway. This would be a start. Then they could add Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, Eric Holder, Hunter Biden, and a couple of tapeworms. And maybe a Chicom Army officer or two.

Let’s see which way our Free & Independent Democrat Nooze Media jumps on this.

Will there still even be a United States by this time next year? I mean, more than just a name on a map.

Not if Democrats can help it.

9 comments on “Good Night! Kamala to be Named to Supreme Court?

  1. Bad news for them if good news for us. Kamala’s camp wants to get rid of Joe and Joe’s camp wants to get rid of Kamala. A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.

  2. There have always been so many questions and guesses about the U.S. in Bible prophecy with much speculation and opinionating. A lot of “teachers” have placed America in places in prophecy where it obviously does not belong. Maybe there will not be an America. Looks like a possibility with the way things are going

    1. Let’s remember that in the Democrat primary, she was a total non-starter. She is only in office today because the Democrats had decided “we have to have a WOC as the running mate” and she was the one who was handiest. They devoted no thought beyond her sex and skin color.

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