School to Make Unvaccinated Kids Wear Yellow Badges

Hmm… let’s see… What does images of being forced to wear a yellow badge conjure up in modern history? Dash it all, just can’t remember! But I’m a school administrator, so I don’t have to know any history, do I?

A reporter in Britain has obtained a copy of an email sent to parents by “officials” at a certain school, stating that children who have exemptions from the vaccine “Mandate” shall wear yellow badges “to prove they’re vaccine-exempt” (

The reporter published the email on Twitter, taking care not to reveal the name or location of the school. Don’t ask me why she did that.

Tie a yellow badge around that old oak tree,/ It’s camp for me,/ I can’t be free…

Catchy, ain’t it? More than one person has asked, “Don’t they have a history teacher at that school?”

Well, hell, since when do we ever learn from history? That’s why it’s so full of repeated patterns. Nothing new under the sun, King Solomon said. There are people with an insatiable lust to run other people’s lives. Nazis, communists–and now those enlightened Citizens of the World who tell us Science sez we have to obey them. And now we’re back to yellow badges.

What next? Ooh-ooh, I know! Make the Anti-Vaxxers wear rags and go around shouting “Unclean, unclean!”

Science sez we can!

6 comments on “School to Make Unvaccinated Kids Wear Yellow Badges

  1. Then, there are the prison camps to follow. Oh, boy, we really need the action of serious prayer warriors.

  2. Good post, Lee! Socialism begets more Socialism. How envious our Leftist leaders be of Xi Jiping who can can just say the word and it is done – no debating or voting or any of that nonsense (which is so unproductive). The Science says those who have already had Covid are the most protected from it – what is called an outlier by Fascist Fauci and his ilk

  3. I hope you can read or open this link. There is a picture of small children in a classroom here in the Philippines. This is one of the most insane things I have ever seen!!! If you cannot open the link, each child is wearing a muzzle, enclosed within a square, clear plastic “tent.” Of course, to make it a bit more friendly, the wooden frame the plastic is attached to, is painted pink. And of course, the teacher is also wearing a muzzle.

    There are only three conclusions a normal rational person can come to.
    The school officials must be insane.
    The school officials are seriously ill-advised.
    The school officials who are not insane, must be afraid to say anything.

    All aspects of this covid scamdemic, are evil. Many are afraid to say anything, many are ill-informed, and many are evil, and know exactly what they are doing.

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