Is Daniel for Real? (Christian Blogger)

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Today we have S.J. Thomas defending the legitimacy of the Book of Daniel on her blog, .

Daniel in the Liberal Revisionists’ Lions’ Den: When, Where, and Who Wrote the Book of Daniel?

Bible-bashing liberals have been trying to tear down Daniel for centuries. As R.J. Rushdoony observed, they are deeply “offended” by the accurate details of Daniel’s prophecy and have spent 1,800 years trying to prove it’s a hoax.

Too bad the Dead Sea scrolls support the age and the authenticity of Daniel. Josephus, too.

But if we are Christians, or Jews, we trust Daniel because if the book weren’t true, it wouldn’t be included in the Bible. And if we read our history, we can see how Daniel’s prophecies came true.

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  1. I appreciate your effort to further the truth of the Bible. The Book of Daniel is a very multi faceted book, and is vital in supplying our understanding of end times.

  2. I love the Book of Daniel. I have a whole chapter on Daniel’s Seventy Weeks (and a whole chapter on Christ’s Olivet Discourse) in my book “Israel, Rapture, Tribulation”. I am in good company with my interpretation of this ancient prophecy. Adam Clarke and numerous other Biblical scholars, also came to the same basic interpretation concerning the 70 Weeks and the Olivet Discourse.

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