‘The Secular Humanist Afterlife’ (2015)

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This is how you keep Democrats and celebrities around forever.

Who says you need God to have eternal life? Not humanists!

Eternal life, but no God–secular humanists solved that problem conceptually years ago. It’s just a matter of developing it for practical use by rich progressives… who will then be with us… forever.


How do they do that? Your great ones and your loved ones, according to a Britsh, um, “scientist,” can be “brought back to life using their history on social media to power virtual avatars.” So there!

Honk if you find this even a tiny bit appealing.


4 comments on “‘The Secular Humanist Afterlife’ (2015)

  1. No honking here. I am not interested in their asinine fantasies. What a nightmare; living in such a world.

  2. Like everything in the humanist catalog, this is a hollow hope. It’s early in my day, but I’ve enjoyed a cup of coffee, read a little and gave the cat a goodbye pet on my way out the door. It’s a beautiful autumn day in the Sonoran Desert of SE Arizona and I enjoyed the gentle warmth of the autumn sun when I got to my destination. In short, I experienced LIFE this morning, and I enjoyed some simple pleasures. Later today, I will enjoy an excellent salad from a local restaurant, and then I will know the enjoyment of relaxing in a comfortable recliner. The humanist eternity can offer none of this.

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