‘Christ Shall Have Dominion’

“ElderMike” inspired me with a comment late last night–yes, let’s celebrate Christ’s victory! Especially now–we especially need to do it now.

Christ Shall Have Dominion and Onward, Christian Soldiers share the same melody by Arthur Sullivan, of Gilbert & Sullivan fame.

I wish I had friends to sing hymns with. Wherever two or three are gathered in Christ’s name… He’s there, too.

3 comments on “‘Christ Shall Have Dominion’

  1. I really hope I can make it to church this morning (and Bible study prior to the main service). We had a group that met at our home, and sometimes others’, and that was wonderful too. Almost always, someone had something important to share.

  2. Yes, since Christ has the victory, then because we are in Him we also have the victory. I have a Christian friend who is always saying when we part that he is on his way to be great at work (or wherever he is going). – and he is a great Christian witness. I had never heard this version of the melody – really good!

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