Cat & Pheasant

[Achh, I’m late! Cockup on the catering front…]

What’s going on here? I’m assuming the pheasant is a wild bird. Isn’t he supposed to be afraid of cats? The cat is a born predator. Isn’t he supposed to hunt birds? But no–he lets the bird eat the rest of his kibbles.

Just when you think you’ve got animals all figured out, you see something like this.

3 comments on “Cat & Pheasant

  1. That is a strange one. Obviously, the cat wasn’t worried about guarding his food and that pheasant, just as obviously, wanted that cat food, to the extent that he was willing to make his presence known. Whatever the reasons, it seemed to work out well for all parties.

    1. I agree. In these parts, cats are just as like to be afraid of the birds as the other way around. I’ve personally observed a roadrunner chase a large tomcat.

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