By Request, ‘Emmanuel’

My first thought was to limit the number of carols any reader, in one day, could enter into the Christmas Carol Contest. My second thought was, “Why should I do that?” The question having no answer, I’m going with unbridled liberty–enter as many times as you like! We’re not going to run out of Christmas carols!

So we have another entry by Erlene–Emmanuel, performed by Michael W. Smith.

Ooh, look at this… I don’t seem to have any space for nooze today.

9 comments on “By Request, ‘Emmanuel’

  1. I did wonder about that; if I was jumping the gun on my suggestions. If I get out of line, just let me know, I don’t mind. I’m just trying to keep things hopping. Can’t disappoint Byron.

    1. What I’d really like would be to have a kind of cyber-party here from now till… oh, New Year’s. I hope the carols get tons of views, and that people who don’t ordinarily comment get involved and have a good time.

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