By Request, ‘On Jordan’s Bank’

We enter this hymn in the Christmas Carol Contest because, after all, you can’t have Christmas without Advent.

Requested by Phoebe, On Jordan’s Bank, perfomed by the St. Edmondsbury Cathedral Choir and Orchestra.

I wonder if that beautiful river in the video really is the Jordan. What I wouldn’t give to be floating on it in my little rowboat!

3 comments on “By Request, ‘On Jordan’s Bank’

  1. We have our Advent Services every Wednesday before Christmas, and we always include this song in our liturgy! P.S. I commented on the last carol and WordPress page said I had gone over the request limit??? Sure hope this comment goes through.

  2. This is really beautiful, but friends who have visited the area more than once, say that the Jordan is really like a creek, not a river. I don’t know, but that is what I’m told.

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