By Request, ‘Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus’

Another Advent hymn, this one requested by our friend SlimJim: Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus, by Charles Wesley, sung by the Truro Cathedral Choir.

Attention, all readers! Our annual Christmas Carol Contest is under way, and we’d like to see a lot, yes, a lot, of entries!

9 comments on “By Request, ‘Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus’

  1. I’ve only been awake for about an hour. When I say awake, I’m only half right. More coffee, get my son off to work, then I will try to contribute. It is only 5:40 AM here.

  2. I pray he will be able to complete the job this time. I know how annoying these things can be, and in fact, they cannot be allowed to continue if normal life is to go on.

  3. Well, maybe another Christmas song will help a little: Carroll Roberson singing Christmas is Believin’

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