Teens Escape from Aussie POW–er, ‘Quarantine’–Camp

Someone cue up the music from The Great Escape!

Three teens went over the wall of a COVID-19 “quarantine camp” in Australia’s sparsely populated Northern Territory (https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-12-01/multiple-people-escape-howard-springs-quarantine-facility-darwin/100663994). Their planning and preparation having been inadequate, they were soon captured and dragged back to the camp.

A grown man escaped a few days earlier. He has not yet been recaptured.

The teens climbed over the fence when no one was looking. So did the man, but he’d arranged for a getaway car.

Camp authorities darkly hint of “consequences.” I wonder if they have a “cooler.” Or do they just shoot you?

When are they going to start tunneling? Will they need fake passports? Civilian clothes made from prison–er, “camp”–blankets and throw rugs? When are the “authorities” going to add dogs, watchtowers, and searchlight?.

And you will never believe what they’re calling this place! “The Centre of National Resilience”. God save us.

We thought it was bad here in America. And by comparison with just three years ago, it is. But holy cow, Australia! You don’t want to be there. They’re killing freedom with a sledge hammer.

7 comments on “Teens Escape from Aussie POW–er, ‘Quarantine’–Camp

  1. Yes, I’ve been hearing how bad it is down under. I always thought of Australians as very gung-ho people. I remember when their guns were confiscated, and now we see what the outcome is for that situation.

  2. Now it is the Omicron (contains the word moron) that has come into the world and the hands of Satan are rubbing together with delight. The fraudulent president biden jumps on Satan’s bandwagon and prepares for more lockdowns, discrimination against the unvaccinated (me), and draconian measures to take away the freedoms God has given to us to pursue life, liberty, property and happiness. P.S. biden has pontificated that legalized abortion is the rational decision.

  3. There’s a guy on a forum that I frequent from Australia who swears its not as bad as the media portrays. I don’t live there to know for sure, but from everything I’m seeing I have my doubts about that.

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