The Grand Canyon of Perversion

Special Issue: Gender Revolution

(Thanks to Susan for the video clip)

[Warning: Disgusting content]

If perversion were a ditch, the material under discussion in this video would be the Grand Canyon.

I’ve been chided for being unwilling to believe that anyone could ever reach such depths of perversion. First transgenderism, then transhumanism–just a hop, skip, and jump. I mean, is this profoundly insane, or what? Become immortal by uploading your virtual self onto a computer! Your virtual self will go on and on after your body dies.

That’s like saying you live forever because you appear in someone’s home movies.

It’s easy to see the link between transgenderism and transhumanism. The one leads naturally, one might say inevitably, to the other. Both are the direct result of denying and rejecting God. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools (Romans 1:22).

And the deferential duffer who interviews this wacked-out man who pretends to be a woman is just as big a fool: they deserve each other. Joe Pyne, come back…

But no kidding, folks–this stuff has to stop. And I believe God put us on this earth, here and now, to stop it. Please, Lord, show us how! ‘Cause we haven’t figured it out yet.

7 comments on “The Grand Canyon of Perversion

  1. All of this is part of the same thing; a total rejection of the Creator and a power play by Satan. As we see new ideas arise, the common thread is the rejection of God’s rights as Creator and a desire to transcend the way we were made and to become like God, setting our own standards of good and bad.

    One target is our DNA, the very work of God Himself. These times are distressing, but they serve a purpose, because people are making known their stand and making it obvious that they have no desire to please their Maker. We know that there will be a separating work, and I believe that we are see8mg it before our eyes.

    1. The endgame is, I think (I agree with C.S. Lewis), the wiping out of all life on the planet. See “That Hideous Strength”–he hit the middle of the bullseye with that one.

  2. As the darkness around us grows darker our light as Christians shines all the more brightly. This is why Jesus prayed in John 17 that when the Church becomes perfected in unity, then the world will know Jesus was sent. We have to come together as Christians. What we see happening around us is because the church lost its light and salt. America was a Christian nation up until the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, but then the Supreme Court made Secular Humanism the official religion of America and the Church did not even make a peep about it. Let us all repent in sackcloth and ashes for our sin of apathy.

  3. I am in full agreement to all the above posts. I have been writing and teaching on all this for quite a while
    as the Holy Spirit reveals more and more to me. It is amazing how so many people can observe and still not make a move to correct. If He (Yeshua) is not our first love, then we are off base and better make a
    quick correction.

    1. I mean, come on! Did that interviewer really, truly, honestly **believe** that guy he was talking to was really a woman? This has to stop.

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