Serenading the Dog

Why is the cockatiel singing to the dog while the dog eats? Does anybody recognize the tune?

Our family dog used to pretend to be asleep so that birds would come down to nibble at his dog food. He would then catch them and eat them.

Domestication certainly changes things!

2 comments on “Serenading the Dog

  1. There’s a lot to contemplate in this. First off, the bird appreciates music. In order to create music, you have to know what music is, and birds seem to be gifted in this regard.

    Next, the bird has to value the dog’s reaction to its song. It wouldn’t bother, unless the bird recognized the dog as being an individual whose reaction mattered. Think about it: in stark, evolutionary terms, why would a bird want to be anywhere near that dog?

    It’s all part of what God made for us, and it reflects His love and glory.

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