Yet Another School Board Sicks FBI on Parents

Pronoun policy debate leads to chaos at Virginia school board meeting

Making the people madder and madder

Now it’s another school board calling for the FBI to spy on parents who don’t like the board’s policies–this time in Rockwood, Missouri (

It’s the usual flap–Critical Race Theory in the classroom, lewd, virtually pornographic material in the school library. Parents complain, board won’t listen, parents complain louder, and board goes running to the FBI to get the parents written up as “domestic terrorists” and spied on by what used to be a premier law enforcement agency that caught spies and gangsters but now turns its wrath against Americans.

Look, folks, let’s make this simple, okay? 1. They are not going to listen to you. Ever. Why should they? They’ve been getting away with stuff like this for years, for decades, even. And you never made a fuss until now. They don’t think you mean it. 2. The teachers’ unions control public education and are committed to using it to indoctrinate your children into Far Left lunacy. Trust me, they’re not going to stop. 3. School board members and school administrators are every bit as Far Left as the teachers’ unions. That means they despise you.

Again! Our only meaningful and effective recourse is to pull our children out of public schools. Homeschool them–you can’t possibly do them as much harm as public schooling does. Let the commies from Commieland “teach” to empty classrooms.

Kill public education, and Far Left Crazy dies.

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  1. You got that right. When our two sons were in school, their dad, and sometimes I would go up and give them a good scolding, but I can see it would do no good now. We backed them down back then, but that is no longer possible. We did do a fair amount of teaching them at home, but we were both working all day, so that wasn’t easy either. As for the FBI, it went down the tubes a long time ago, too.

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