About that ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Thing…

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It was back in October that the National School Boards Assn. got cozy with The Regime and asked the, um, Justice Dept. to sic the FBI on parents who objected to school board policies–notably, Critical Race Theory “teaching,” transgender propaganda, unending mask mandates, and really filthy stuff in the school libraries. The group cited numerous “threats” against school board members, none of which have ever been carried out.

So they got the parents branded “domestic terrorists” and the FBI spying, a “safety advisory.” As of now, 26 state school board associations have disaffiliated themselves with the NSBA. That’s 24 to go.

Meanwhile, this is happening all over the country–rogue school boards turning on the communities that elect them, fund them, and pay the teacher pensions. Heck, they even pay the “educators” who come up with all this crapola in the first place. And they have no choice but to pay, because it comes out of their taxes! What a sweetheart deal for public education!

Has your local school board listed you as a domestic terrorist yet? Well, they won’t, as long as you keep your mouth shut, pay your taxes, and never complain about any of their zany “programs” aimed at turning your kid into Che Guevara Jr. Unless they get your whole town listed as being big in the domestic terror business.

How mad do we have to get before we put a stop to this?

How long would public education survive, once we took our children out of the schools?

How long would Far Left politics survive without the teachers’ unions?

Meanwhile they keep calling us racists, bigots, and now “domestic terrorists”–and who says we have to take it anymore?

Defund the FBI. Why should we pay them to spy on us? What kind of sense does that make?

Until we can get our act really together, swamp local school board elections with write-in votes for candidates who pledge to, and really will, get rid of all those crazy policies and fire Woke “school officials.” Like diversity and gender counselors. Fire them first.

It’s time we shoved Woke out of the airplane.

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