Can You Rede This Sine?

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We just went out for Patty’s wine, a mere 15-minute run in which we managed to spot two misspelled signs.

One: “Plain And Simpol Comfort Food.” Simpol.

Two: “CLEANERS,” with a backwards “E”.

I’m sure they’re not the only ones. But what’s the story with these signs? Is this really what we get out of the costliest, most intrusive, most self-consciously grand “education” system in the world? These are professionally-painted signs. You have to pay someone to create one. And all they create is the spelling.

Have you seen any misspelled signs lately? If so, you’re cordially invited to share them here.

6 comments on “Can You Rede This Sine?

  1. Unfortunately, my own spelling is not always perfect these days. Part is due to crooked, sore fingers that misbehave, part because of failing memory, but I notice mis spelled words all the time in all kinds of print.

  2. I have noticed that, too. That and many other grammar errors. My English teachers would have had a fit if we had made errors like that.

    1. You have to be careful of spell checkers. Eye half a spalling Czech-her, which combs with my pee see two. 🙂 (every word spell checks)

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