‘School Tax Potlatch: $1 Billion Up in Smoke’ (2018)

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In my town the budget for our four schools exceeds, by a lot, all other public expenditures combined.

Yep, “public education” is big, big bucks–so big, no one has dared calculate its total cost to the nation. But here’s one of many reasons why it costs so much. And why we get so little for our money.

School Tax Potlatch: $1 Billion Up in Smoke

Yessir, the Los Angeles schools spent a billion dollars on these little gimcracks. Did the kids get a billion dollars’ worth of smarter? Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!

Do you ever get the impression that our various governments go out of their way to show how little they respect us?

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  1. While I am a long time iPad user, I agree completely that giving iPads, preloaded with “educational materials” which are likely biased towards leftist notions, is far from being a good thing. The development of modern, “user friendly”, devices, such as smartphones and tablets, has deteriorated the computer skills of the most recent generations, because they don’t really take much skill to operate.

    There is a small computer, called a Raspberry Pi, which can teach children to utilize the Linux operating system and how to work in any number of programming languages, and these cost around $100, which is far less than a tablet. But not everyone should be a Linux admin or a program developer, and being overly devoted to the computer screen is not good for the health and fitness of a child.

  2. The Los Angeles School District has just fire hundreds of workers because they refused the jab – that tells you all about the administrators’ compassion for their fellow man. Early American one-room school rooms produced pupils of amazing intellectual ability. Just concentrating of the basics and becoming proficient in them is enough for a student to become his own teacher.

    1. So very very true. If you read enough books, even if you failed English, never graduated from high school, never went to college, some people will be able to write well-written books, which, when English professors read their first manuscript, they will say, “Well done, it’s really good.” True story.

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