Nooze I Won’t Cover

The Valley of Dry Bones - Meaning of Vision in Ezekiel 37

Our culture: dry bones that’ll never live again.

Every now and then I encounter nooze so vile, so filthy, that even to mention it, or repeat it, strikes me as a sin. I know I always say “We’ve got to know what we’re up against”; and there’s always the temptation of “Gee, if I post this monstrosity, I’ll get a lot of views!”

Our Lord Jesus Christ warned His disciples that the world would hate them, just as it hated Him. Could they have possibly imagined that today, two thousand years later, in a country on a continent that they didn’t even know existed, that hate for our Savior and our King would be seething, boiling over, uncontrolled, unrestrained by any kind of decency? And reserved for this season, when we celebrate His birth!

St. Gildas wrote of the elites and ruling class of his day as “running on all fours into Hell.” He should see some of the stuff we’re putting on TV. I’m not even going to mention what I saw this morning or where I saw it–because they want to be mentioned, they want to be seen.

So no, no, I will not cover this story: just let them run down into Hell, they can do it without our company.

They seek it; and they’ll find it.

9 comments on “Nooze I Won’t Cover

  1. I know, it is sickening and beyond disgusting. I often have to get up and leave the room when TV is on.

  2. How about the immigrant who set fire to the giant Christmas tree outside the Fox Studios – he was arrested, let go on no bail the next day, and in the crowd watching the tree being repaired. I, for one, do not want to live in a place like New York City.

    1. NYC Democrats do not think people should be in custody for committing crimes… except, of course, for the crime of mis-gendering.

  3. TV strikes me as being one of the WMO’s effective means of distributing I’ll-conceived notions that I’ve ever heard of. What little broadcast TV that I’ve been exposed to in my adult lifetime has been a breeding ground of stupid notions which play well for broadcast, but erode culture. Children parrot what they see on TV with incredible accuracy, and sometimes this imprints their psyche with some pretty negative stuff. Adults fare little better.

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