Judge Socks It to University: Pay Christian Students $1.9 Million

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Ready for some good news, for a change?

When two Christian student groups at Iowa University declined to allow “openly gay” sodomites to lead their groups, the looniversity decertified the groups… because obviously Christian students mustn’t be allowed to have Christian beliefs, let alone practice them.

A federal judge has ordered the looniversity to pay almost $2 million in damages (https://campusreform.org/article?id=18597). He also wondered aloud what on earth made “officials” there think they could get away with blatant religious discrimination.

Well, schiff, your honor–it’s only what every Far Left jidrool of an “educator” thinks should be done! If we locked up every “educator” who felt that way… Hey, tell you what: let’s try it.

Note that this kind of discrimination is only leveled at Christians and Jews. They wouldn’t dream of telling a Muslim student group that they had to have non-Muslim leaders. They wouldn’t do it twice, at any rate. Nor would they ever consider telling the campus BLM chapter to bring in white leaders.

Well, this time they got their fingers burned.

It’ll have to do until we can our university system back down to size–say, no more than 10% of what it is now.

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  1. Yeah! Thanks for this report. It is one I had not seen before. Shows that there are still some sane persons in positions of power. We don’t hear of many like this anymore.

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