Losing Your Ball… to the Fish

You know the cat playing with his ball on the dock is sooner or later going to roll it into the water. This is where the word “inevitable” comes from. And once the ball is overboard, how does the cat ever get it back? Meanwhile, the fish are playing with it…

12 comments on “Losing Your Ball… to the Fish

  1. That’s pretty interesting. Apparently God gave all of his creatures the ability to enjoy recreation.

    1. It’s a near necessity, in my life. I just got a new one and I’m in the process of “moving” int it. A major pain in the neck.

  2. New computers, I phones, all that stuff just get on my nerves. Just when I think I have it figures out, NOPE,
    everything goes blooey again. The cat has the right idea here- let the fish do it. Wish I had a fish.

    1. It’s a real dilemma. What I am seeing in the tech world is that it’s almost impossible for one person to have knowledge of the entire system and so, when one calls a vendor to resolve a problem, you end up shuttled from person to person, because each person has only a very narrow slice of the pie, so to speak. The stock answer is to direct people to a web site, but that doesn’t always work.

    2. When I was a boy there was nothing in our house that my father couldn’t understand, explain, or repair. That included TV sets, radios, the family car, and the refrigerator.

      I wonder if this has gone extinct.

    3. I’ve always been self-sufficient when it came to technical matters, but these days, most products have a degree of computerization and the consumer is pretty much locked out. In one sense, it’s a good thing, because it gives us some amazing products at relatively low prices, but it sure takes these products into a different realm, with regard to repairs, etc. I have several guitar amps, and am proud to say that these are all tube amps with noting that couldn’t have existed 60 years ago.

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