By Request, ‘Once in Royal David’s City’

I was sure Thewhiterabbit would eventually ask for this one–Once in Royal David’s City–and here it is, today’s first entry in our annual Christmas Carol Contest. Sung by the chapel choir at Kings College, Cambridge.

I don’t know why, but the carol contest doesn’t seem to be quite catching on this season. Two entries remain tied for the lead with 19 views. Maybe it’s just me saying so, but I think we need Christmas this year like we haven’t needed it in a long time.

Even if you don’t request a carol, you can help the contest along just be viewing the ones that have been posted so far. What could be easier than that?

6 comments on “By Request, ‘Once in Royal David’s City’

  1. I think everything is so unusual this year, so many friends and relatives having health issues, we are trying to help, and being frustrated, all that stuff. Also, a lot of peoples’ computer programs are giving trouble, and if others are like me, we get so fed up, we just delete stuff in disgust, and we may sometimes go a little too far with the delete. I’ll try to get with it today, can’t guarantee much I think most of the people prefer styles of music that is quite different from mine, so I don’t want to interject too many of my favorites.

    1. There’s a small group of reader who keep the wheels turning here, and you’re one of them.
      I keep forgetting, although I’ve had to learn this lesson many times:
      In any human enterprise involving a group of any size, 10 % of the people do 90% of the work. This is true everywhere.

  2. Here is a Christmas song suggestion: Carroll Roberson singing What Began in a Manger. See if anyone likes it.

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