A Gift from Me to You: ‘My Love’s an Arbutus’

I like to post this every year at Christmas-time, as a gift to all your good folks out there–My Love’s an Arbutus, performed by the Fairhaven Singers. It’ll seem familiar to you, even if you’re sure you haven’t heart it before. But you probably have. It was used as one of the musical themes in the best Christmas movie ever, Scrooge, in 1951.

I have a couple more hymns liked up for you, but first I’ve got to make the bed and have some breakfast–chicken and barley soup on a cold, grey morning. I’d love for it to snow…

P.S.–My wife was about to go outside when she saw this on the screen. “Ah!” she said. “My Love’s an Arbutus! I had to see the picture, though. I can’t hear it.”

“That’s because it’s not on,” I said. “I can’t post it and play it at the same time.”

She was greatly relieved that her hearing isn’t that bad.

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    1. Okay, we’ll start with that tomorrow morning. A few hours ago someone else asked for this song, so I’ll have to give you both a prize if it wins.

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