‘My Love’s an Arbutus’ (From Me to You)

This is my annual Christmas gift to my readers–My Love’s an Arbutus, by the Fairhaven Singers. This hauntingly beautiful song is used as Alice’s theme in Scrooge, my favorite movie adaptation of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” Can’t watch it without being deeply moved. But then if redemption doesn’t stir your soul, what will?

A Gift from Me to You: ‘My Love’s an Arbutus’

I like to post this every year at Christmas-time, as a gift to all your good folks out there–My Love’s an Arbutus, performed by the Fairhaven Singers. It’ll seem familiar to you, even if you’re sure you haven’t heart it before. But you probably have. It was used as one of the musical themes in the best Christmas movie ever, Scrooge, in 1951.

I have a couple more hymns liked up for you, but first I’ve got to make the bed and have some breakfast–chicken and barley soup on a cold, grey morning. I’d love for it to snow…

P.S.–My wife was about to go outside when she saw this on the screen. “Ah!” she said. “My Love’s an Arbutus! I had to see the picture, though. I can’t hear it.”

“That’s because it’s not on,” I said. “I can’t post it and play it at the same time.”

She was greatly relieved that her hearing isn’t that bad.

A Gift from Me to You

This song, My Love’s an Arbutus, I like to post every year at Christmas-time as a small token of thanks to all of you, my readers, for your support throughout the year. If this beautiful melody seems familiar, you’ve probably heard it as part of the music soundtrack for Scrooge, the classic film treatment of A Christmas Carol, starring Alistair Sim. Anyway, it’s lovely, it’s soothing, and I hope you enjoy it.

A Personal Note: The conviction is strongly growing on me that all we have to do is not give up, keep piling up the evidence and shoving it under people’s noses: and that if we do that, we will win: the theft of the 2020 presidential election will fail, and our republic will be saved.

All we have to do is not give up. The truth is on our side. We can pray to a righteous God, the judge of all the earth; but the prayers of leftids are only an abomination. The evidence of massive election fraud is already heaped up as high as the sky–with more to come!

I don’t think President Trump will give up and hand our country over to Red China. We must let him know that we’re with him all the way: we will not tolerate any election fraud. Not any. We will not accept China Joe as our president, and his rogues’ gallery of commie burnouts as his cabinet.

Work. Pray. Tell the truth. And don’t give up.

With God’s help we will win this thing.

A Gift for You (Again)

(I wanted this scheduled for Tuesday, but I got distracted and wound up posting it today. I think I have deleted it. Now I can try again for Tuesday. I think.)

I like to post this at Christmastime every year, a kind of Christmas present to all of you out there. It doesn’t really have much to do with Christmas, beyond being Alice’s theme in 1951’s Scrooge, with Alistair Sim. If it seems familiar to you, that’s probably where you’ve heard it.

Anyway, as I work to trim our Christmas tree, here it is–My Love’s an Arbutus, sung by the Fairhaven Singers. Merry Christmas, everybody.

A Gift from Me to You

It’s become my yearly custom, at Christmas-time, to present you with this, My Love’s an Arbutus, sung by the Fairhaven Singers, for no other reason but its simple sweetness.

If it sounds familiar to you, and yet you can’t quite place it, you probably heard it as background music in Scrooge (1951, the one with Alistair Sim), as Alice’s theme.

Anyway, here it is. Merry Christmas, everybody.

‘My Love’s an Arbutus’

It’s my custom, around Christmas-time, to post this, My Love’s an Arbutus, performed by the Fairhaven Singers. I’ve never seen an arbutus, and there’s but a tenuous connection between this song and Christmas. It’s used as Alice’s theme–the girl young Scrooge should have loved and married–in A Christmas Carol, the 1951 classic starring Alistair Sim. We watch it every year, and it never, never fails to move us. If its message of redemption and renewal is not the Christmas message, well, then, I don’t know what is.

Special Treat: ‘My Love’s an Arbutus’

This isn’t genuine Christmas music, but I always associate it with Christmas because if features prominently in my favorite Christmas movie–Scrooge, the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol starring Alistair Sim. It’s used as the theme for Alice, the sweet young woman Scrooge loved once and should have married. We’re going to watch it this afternoon–a Christmas tradition at our house.

If you can’t quite make out the lyrics, never mind. The melody evokes gentleness, sweetness, and love: in the words of our esteemed colleague, “Unknowable,” the beauty of goodness.

I can’t put it better than that.

A Song and a Prayer

I know, I know–I’ve posted this song before. But it’s so beautiful. Its only connection to Christmas, really, is that it was part of the score in the 1951 movie version of “A Christmas Carol”–Scrooge, starring Alistair Sim. But in that the theme of that story, and that film, is redemption by the grace of God, that ties it in with Christmas.

So enjoy it. And meanwhile, a prayer.

Father in Heaven, make this Christmas season strong and mighty, to thaw frozen hearts and move us to love Our Lord Jesus Christ, our savior and our king. Give it power to shake and tear down the strongholds of this world, strongholds of pride and unbelief, arrogance and misbelief. Let the light of Christmas blaze forth, and blot out the lies and darkness of this age. O Father! Do as thou hast said. Make Christ’s enemies His footstool, and put the government upon His shoulder forever. In Jesus’ name, amen.

A Special Treat for You

Does this hauntingly beautiful melody sound familiar?

It’s called “My Love’s an Arbutus,” and it is used as theme music for Alice in the classic version of A Christmas Carol starring Alistair Sim. But it’s good any time of the year, and tonight I thought I’d like to share it with you. Relax and let it stroke your cheek.