‘What’s Wrong With This Picture?’ (2012)

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One of those surveys, years ago, yielded the following surprises:

In any given year, well over 50 million Americans will have a genuine mental health problem.

So we have over half a million “mental health professionals” to treat us when we come unglued.

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Boy, that’s an awful lot of people going crackers in a year. I guess it’s why there’s still a Democrat Party. And let’s see if I can do the arithmetic: 50 million nut cases, half a million shrinks et al to treat ’em… That’s one therapist for every hundred cases.

Obviously not enough! I mean, have you looked at our TV nooze lately?

Might we do better with more Bible and less nooze?

Betcha we can.

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  1. If real truth is important to people, they will grab a Bible and get busy. If not, well, insanity is the next option.

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