Another Public School District, Another Secret Kept from Parents

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How far off-site do they mean to go?

Does this seem… suspicious? Holding secret teacher workshops “off-site” and with no public announcement, and producing documents clearly labeled NOT to be seen by students or their parents–does that have a stink to it, or what?

Welcome to the Parma, Ohio, school district. Read all about it in the Mission: America newsletter (–Parma-Whistle-Blower-Submits-Training-Document-from-Diversity-Center.html?soid=1101710997702&aid=b8Uqulby-Co&fbclid=IwAR2I6pVMj5atJqJiP3FBJxUTVUxDEPUxqFEFBOz4G9Bi6_ssuEr5VDbI6Ls).

Someone has leaked the document to Mission: America. There is a link to it in their newsletter. They recommend you print the document, bring it to a public meeting of your board of education, demand an accounting, and demand that this particular “training” be immediately discontinued.

Oh, it’s full of the usual goodies! Gender “assigned at birth”–by whom? The tooth fairy? “Social Emotional Learning” (don’t ask!). The usual newfangled goofy pronouns made up by idiots. The “singular ‘they'”. And gems of 100% pure twaddle, like this: “It’s totally fine if your understanding of yourself [they mean your “gender”] shifts from day to day.” That doesn’t mean you’re cuckoo. It means you’re on board with the program. Indeed, it’s amazing how many “woke” and satanist cliches they can pack into one short document.

And it’s a secret! The defenseless public has to pay for it, but they’re not allowed to know about it. They just might sic the FBI on you, if you try to find out.

Down, down, down with public schooling!

Before it wrecks our country.

5 comments on “Another Public School District, Another Secret Kept from Parents

  1. Public schooling (I won’t dignify it by calling it “education”) is itself an Adverse Childhood Experience.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I wonder how widespread this is? My attorney friend recently sued our city council for conducting private business so as to hide access to FOIA. As our Founding Fathers warned posterity, “the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” My daughter got a job a Hobby Lobby a Christian owned company for the holiday season, but she is having to quit at the first of the year because she will not get vaccinated – so sad the way Christians cave to an antichrist administration.

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