Whole School Board Has to Resign


Not knowing they were being live-streamed, thinking the camera and microphones were off, the school board governing the Oakley Union Elementary School District, California, lit into the parents whose taxes pay for the wretched schools. And now they’ve all had to resign (https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-56156795).

These schools have been closed during the reign of King COVID, and parents have begun to think they’re getting a raw deal: not satisfied with the “remote learning” provided to their children.

So of course one genius on the board quipped that the parents just want their baby-sitters back–so they can take drugs all day, suggested another. Plenty of profanity employed, too.

Oakley, a suburb of San Francisco, has a population of about 43,000. In just a few days, some 7,000 residents had signed a petition calling for the whole board’s ouster. The members resigned before the petition could become unanimous.

Yo, public! Your public schools exist to enrich teachers’ unions and to turn your children against their country and their families. That’s what they do. Anything else is just an afterthought. Look how those school board members despise the people who pay for the schools. As soon as they thought the mike was off–kapow!

You’re already staggering along with “remote learning.” Take it one step farther and school your kids yourself. You can’t possibly do a worse job than the public schools. And if the cost is too high–and it’s getting lower all the time–families can form homeschooling co-ops to share the expenses. And there are Christian schools.

I mean, why would you ever want your kids “educated” by people who despise you?

‘So What’s Real?’ (2015)

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This post is notable for the appearance of a reader who passionately defends the proposition that the world is flat, not round.

So What’s Real?

Well, heck, why not? Never before in human history has so much money and labor been spent on “education,” with so little result.

Meanwhile, I don’t get paid enough to get drawn into a debate with a flat-earther.

Did It Scare Ya?

Do you like scary maze pranks? Here’s one performed on an unsuspecting victim in a high school biology class. Watch her la-dee-dah her way through the maze… right up to the point where the la-dee-dahing stops.

‘Hillary Backers Like Karl Marx for VP’ (2016)

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Are we getting our money’s worth for public education? [Rolls on the floor, laughing hysterically]

Remember this?


Yes, the founder of communism struck these Democrats as a great choice for vice president. The fact that he is dead wouldn’t have stopped him from voting Democrat, so it shouldn’t stop him from holding office, either.

Algebra and Me

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This is the story of an educational cockup based on a failure to understand human nature.

I got some good grades in junior high school, so I was placed in an advanced math class in which “Temac,” short for “teaching machine,” was supposed to teach me algebra. It was a book with algebra problems on the left side of the page, which we were to solve in our notebooks… and the answers, under a sliding black plastic sheet, on the right side. As we finished each section, we were to turn in our notebooks for grading.

How many nanoseconds did it take me to figure out that all I had to do, to get the right answer to any problem, was to slide the sheet down the page and copy the right answer into my notebook? Voila! An A in Algebra! And without learning a blessed thing.

I think our teacher was a real mathematician who somehow found himself teaching in a middle school and had no concept of “temptation.” He saw the right answers in my notebook and gave me A’s.

Those right answers qualified me for Accelerated Math in high school, for which I had no foundation whatsoever. By peeking at the answers to get good grades, I learned no algebra at all! And boy, did I pay for that in high school.

The moral of the story is, if you make it really easy to cheat, and reward it, people are going to cheat. I’m not proud of what I did, but the temptation was far too strong for me to resist at that age. It prepared me to make a total hash of high school math. Geometry, Algebra II, and Trigonometry–disasters all.

I’m pretty sure I could do basic algebra, now that I’m older and have gotten all that cheating out of my system.

Or I could just keep on cheating and become a climate scientist.

Do Deer Read Road Signs?

Thanks to Linda Sorci for reminding us of this incredible talk radio phone call!

The caller’s argument relies on the premise that deer can read. And when they read “Deer Crossing” road signs, they naturally assume that this must be a good place for them to cross the busy highway.

Is that really any sillier than believing “the Annunaki” from outer space secretly came to earth to micro-manage human history and genetically engineer critters like centaurs?

This in a country that spends more on “education” than any civilization in the history of the world.