Keep Your Eye on France

History of Horrifying Guillotine Executions in France | by Hdogar | Lessons  from History | Medium

Think they got ’em pissed off enough back then?

It should be big news when a mob of protesters gathers in front of a government bigwig’s home and pelts him with mud and garbage. But it happened in France, not here (

Last week it was President Emanuel Macron vowing to make life miserable for “the unvaccinated,” whom he said aren’t even citizens–yessir, he promised, he would “really like to piss them off.”

Apparently he has.

The member of Parliament who was anointed with garbage was one of Macron’s allies, who supported “vaccine passports.”

The French have a history of truly, deeply pissing off the people but not paying much attention to it. These are people who killed their king and queen. Then there was all that mess with 1848 and 1870.

France has been quiet for quite a while now. If I were Macron, I’d be careful about stirring them up.


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  1. The Arkansas Surgeon General spoke to our Q&A Public Forum meeting this morning. He said how can the public believe what the American Medical Society and others say if they do not even know the difference between a little girl and a little boy.

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