National School Boards Assn. Headed for Extinction?

AG Merrick Garland must call off war on parents: Devine

What? You don’t like getting spied on?

Back in October the National School Boards Assn. got together with the Justice Dept. to sic the FBI on parents who didn’t like Far Left Crazy school board policies–most notably, “Critical Race Theory,” transgender propaganda, and lewd pornographic books in the school libraries. When parents showed up at public meetings to object to these policies, the Biden Regime painted them out as “domestic terrorists.”

Since then, 19 state boards have left the NSBA ( The story just gets worse and worse: now we know the Regime solicited false reports of various “threats” leveled against school board members by those terrorist parents out there.

Not one such “threat” has ever been carried out by anyone.

The DOJ goes on and on, but it doesn’t look like the NSBA will. It turns out the “threats” were mere examples of free speech–yes, Virginia, we are allowed to object to school board policies. The Regime solicited the first letter supposedly from the school boards to the DOJ. In short, the whole thing was brewed up by “progressives” to intimidate parents into silence.

We are governed by people who despise us, hate us for our core beliefs, and who hate our country and want to turn it into something else–with themselves enjoying absolute power over us.

The NSBA has “apologized” (LOL) for its role in the scandal and hopes the public will give it “another chance”–

To do what, we aren’t told.

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  1. At our last school board meeting there were only 14 chairs for parents to sit in because of social distancing, so the large crowd outside had to listen to a PA system turned down so low you couldn’t make out what was being said. And yes, the board approved mask mandates for the next 30 days because of the omicron surge. This all has to end soon. Because of redistricting, all our 7 school board positions are up for election this year and our City Elders group already has 6 lined up to run for them.

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