‘A New Low in Political Campaigning’ (2018)

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Here’s another one of those nooze stories that made a stir for a little while and then dissolved into nothing.

A New Low in Political Campaigning

Bad enough that the next political campaigning season now starts the day after Election Day. But “Vote for me because I don’t have a penis”? I wonder if that was ever discussed on Meet the Press.

This was for attorney general of Michigan. It must be an astonishingly easy job.

5 comments on “‘A New Low in Political Campaigning’ (2018)

  1. At the root of the “equality” many of these people talk about, is hatred. We should treat others as equals, all made in God’s image, but if you said that to those folks, they would go ballistic.

  2. Since “the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom..” it is obvious that there will be no wisdom in action.

    1. Precisely! What we see around us, whether in the political realm, or in the various conflicts around the globe, deliberately ignoring the One True God is part and parcel of this.

  3. We have a female attorney here in Fort Smith, AR who has run for the U.S. Presidency twice. She got a lot of votes in New Hampshire and California. She is all in for women in political positions (she’s never been married).

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