Michigan Dems to Parents: Butt Out of ‘Education’

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“I’ll do the teaching around here! Just shut up and pay your school tax!”

Every now and then, truth is inadvertently told. Even by Democrats.

This weekend, the “Michigan Democratic Party” posted on Twitter an assertion that parents of kids in public schools should just zip their lips and let the “educators” teach the children “what society needs them to know” (https://uswallpost.com/politics/michigan-democrats-declare-war-on-public-school-parents/). And hey! “[T]he client of the public school is not the parents, but the entire community, the public.” (“Ain’t your kids, Thumper! Them kids belong to the Village!”)

The public didn’t like it, though; so “the Michigan Democratic Party” hastily deleted the post and pretended to be sorry for it.

But hey, parents! Yeah, you–the poor suckers who pay for world history’s costliest  and most underachieving education system.

Have you not yet caught onto the fact that these “educators,” these Far Left teacher unions, despise you? And want to change your way of life? Why are you letting them “teach” your children?

Explain that if you can!


2 comments on “Michigan Dems to Parents: Butt Out of ‘Education’

  1. They’re so used to talking to each other without being overheard that they can’t imagine anyone disagreeing with them — and fighting back.

    1. I wonder if they even have to bother going into executive session anymore–like they used to do, to keep reporters from reporting on them. I wonder when was the last time any of them had to answer a hard question.

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