Democrats Strike Again! Votes for Non-Citizens

How do Democrats get away with stunts like this? Do we just not care?

All the Dems–repeat, all of them–on the House Judiciary Committee have voted unanimously to give voting rights to non-citizens (

The Constitution is vague on who can or can’t vote, our founders having left the matter for the states to decide. Several states’ constitutions reserve the vote to citizens only. Earlier this year, for instance, the New York Supreme Court struck down the New York City Council’s attempt to extend the vote to non-citizens.

Crikey! Do you even need to live in this country anymore, to vote in our national elections? Is that why we don’t have an enforced border anymore?

Whether this folly will actually make it to the floor of the House for a vote, who knows? And then it’ll have to pass the Senate. Will they try to slide it into law just before the midterm elections? What’s going to be left of our country by 2024?

If the Dems have their way–nothing. Just a name on a map.

Did They Or Didn’t They? (FBI in Full Gestapo Mode?)

Photograph showing a Gestapo raid on the Warsaw Ghetto. The Gestapo agents of the Secret State Police search the inhabitants. Dated 1941 Stock Photo - Alamy

Bad old days… coming back?

Late yesterday afternoon a story broke: the FBI supposedly, on Thursday, Sept. 8, raided the homes of 35 “Trump allies.”

Today there still seems to be only one source for this story–Steve Bannon. As I try to confirm or refute the story, all roads lead back to Bannon.

Personally, I can’t believe he would ever cook up such a thing. If it were fiction, it’d be bound to blow up in his face, wouldn’t it? And yet America’s… “journalists”… seem like they’re asleep at the switch for this one.

Where are the denials that this happened? Where are the government sock puppets and their mealy-mouthed excuses? “Well, yeah, of course we sent personnel to all those houses, but it was absolutely necessary because__________.” Fill in the blank and win a tin foil hat. Where’s SloJo squinting at the camera and saying nobody told him about this caper?

Did they really do it? Did they really check in to Club Gestapo? Have we really gone so far as to make political opposition a crime? Is the FBI that far gone–way past recovery or reform or repair?

I’m trying to find out.

Meanwhile, stay tuned here for Byron’s TV listings, a bit of really inside politics from South Carolina, and a rather strange story from Nigeria.

UPDATE: Here’s some confirmation of this story,

Otherwise, what we have here is a near-total nooze media blackout.

And sources are saying it was closer to 50 Trump supporters raided, not 35.

“This is all about intimidation,” Bannon says. Ya think?

Nothing like this has ever happened in America before, although it’s pretty standard fare in Third World hell-holes.

No one will be safe here until the Democratic Party is put out of business forever.

Don’t Let Your Dog Find Out

It took several tries, but I finally posted this amusing little video.

Don’t let your dogs find out that you… well, watch the video and see for yourself.

‘A New Low in Political Campaigning’ (2018)

30k+ Angry Woman Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

Here’s another one of those nooze stories that made a stir for a little while and then dissolved into nothing.

A New Low in Political Campaigning

Bad enough that the next political campaigning season now starts the day after Election Day. But “Vote for me because I don’t have a penis”? I wonder if that was ever discussed on Meet the Press.

This was for attorney general of Michigan. It must be an astonishingly easy job.

I’m Stumped

Don't Get Stumped by This Common Interview Question — Affinity North -  Financial Services IT and Quantitative Recruitment

I’ve read a lot of history, and I’m a good political scientist–but the current state of our country absolutely stumps me.

What do you do when at least half the citizens believe their government has been fraudulently imposed on them, and the new president is well-known for his very iffy cognitive faculties? And when that government promotes and pushes crazy policies supported by hardly anyone? Like tearing down the border, arming Iran, and sweetheart deals with Communist China, just to name a few.

What in the world can we do?

I don’t know. We’ve never been here before. These are things that happen in countries long ago and far away. They never figured out what to do about it, either. Goodbye, republic; hail Caesar.

How can we put any trust in the next election, when we’ve just had one that stinks to high heaven?

Historically, the way the rulers govern such a country is by fear and violence: step out of line, and you disappear. Is that where we’re going?

We have nothing left but our prayers.

Pray hard, and hope God hears us.

My Newswithviews Column, Jan. 25 (‘The Ultimate Political Steel Cage Match’)

It wouldn’t surprise me to find others writing up this scenario: it just naturally springs to mind.

Of course, this is just a way-out satire that could never, ever happen in real life…

We keep saying that, and keep finding out we’re wrong.

The Ultimate Political Steel Cage Match

You Can’t Satirize This: ‘Chelsea’ Manning for Senate

See the source image

I cannot bring myself to post a picture of Mr. Manning, so here’s a marine iguana, instead.

So it’s come to this: a Democrat U.S. Senate primary, in Maryland, featuring a transgender loon who’s been convicted of (and served seven years in prison for) leaking confidential government documents: Brad “Chelsea” Manning (

Mr. Manning, who is not, in fact, a woman, had his “sex changed” in prison. The American people paid for it.

He runs on a platform of open borders, closing all prisons, and releasing all the inmates. Yeah, that’ll work. He’d also like to disarm the police, if not abolish police altogether.

You’d think this was something made up by a madcap satirist, but it isn’t.  Mr. Manning, says The Guardian, has “positioned herself [sic] to the left of Bernie Sanders.” We are surprised to hear there is a left of Bernie Sanders.

Please don’t say we deserve this.

A New Low in Political Campaigning

A woman running for state attorney general in Michigan says people should vote for her because she doesn’t have a penis (

Uh, can’t we nail her for transphobia? Aren’t all The Smartest People in the World always telling us that not all men have penises, and not all women have vaginas?

To presume, as this candidate does, that every human being, man or women, equipped with a penis will use it to harass women–well, fry my hide, what do you suppose Brad “Chelsea” Manning would say to that? Well, okay, he had his willy cut off so he could call himself a woman and run for U.S. Senator from Maryland. But certainly  by the standard being used here, he would be a viable candidate. Crikey, what if these two were running against each other? “Yeah, well, I don’t have one, either!” What an edifying debate that would be.

If lack of a penis is all it takes to be Michigan’s attorney general, that makes deciding who to vote for pretty easy. But what if a woman runs against a woman?

This discussion is fast turning into a kind more commonly encountered in a busy tavern.