‘The Fat-Head’s Tool Kit: Stupid Stats’ (2018)

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When they’re not purposely changing the meaning of words, they’re using words like confetti. It’s getting really hard to communicate with leftids.

But their favorite artistic medium is pure falsehood.

The Fat-Head’s Tool Kit: Stupid Stats

The question is, do they even know they’re lying? Even suspect it? Good grief–imagine actually believing all that stuff that they come out with.

Maybe I ought to update the list today. A lot of new booshwa has been added since I wrote this.

3 comments on “‘The Fat-Head’s Tool Kit: Stupid Stats’ (2018)

  1. It is common, these days, for people to misuse technical terminology; parroting something they heard, but didn’t understand. I actually use this as an interviewing technique, stating something and letting the interviewee carry it forward, just to see if they actually know what they are talking about. Many of them do not, but they will spout techno-babble that is inaccurate, in an attempt to impress.

    Samuel Clemens said that the three types of mendacity were lies, damned lies, and statistics. I could very easily accept that there would be plenty of people that were fooled by the chart at the beginning of this article, because there are many people that think to only a very shallow depth. Add in a sense of being “woke” and the potential for believing one’s own shallow thoughts to be profound goes off the charts.

    1. I consider that just a matter of observation. A number of years ago, a coworker in another department, decided that he was an IT expert. He had convinced several people that he was an expert in the field, but in reality, he was a computer enthusiast that knew very little about the nuts and bolts of IT. All I had to do was start a conversation and let him start talking and it became obvious that he didn’t know what he was talking about.

      If the subject of the interview says something that betrays a lack of knowledge, and you don’t correct the statement, but inquire further, along those lines, you will be rewarded with a veritable fountain of incorrect statements, which make it easy to establish that this candidate is not up to the task. It’s a sad reality of our current world.

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