We Can Save Your House from Falling Off a Cliff

Isn’t this just too much? Imagine your house falling off a cliff!

Don’t let this happen to you! Here at Fugu Community Collidge, we offer the only Gender Theory degree that includes credits in Keeping Buildings From Falling Off Cliffs. Houses fall down because of failure to achieve Gender Equity. A penetrating study of Social Justice prevents this.

But hey, if you can’t be bothered to commit to a Gender Theory degree, don’t be too surprised if your house goes toppling down to the jagged rocks below.

And don’t worry about that student loan debt! They haven’t the slightest intention of collecting it.

7 comments on “We Can Save Your House from Falling Off a Cliff

    1. Unfortunately, there’s nothing common about common sense, these days. Every year, in California, wildfires claim many homes. How about clearing the land properly, instead of building a home in an area that is all but guaranteed to burn. I did some work north of LA, a few years ago. This was in a very nice, very wealthy area, where it was certainly economically feasible to do things the right way. What I saw was homes built with no regard to their surroundings, and no regard for the wildfires that plague the area. (This town had been devastated by wildfire, perhaps a year before my visit.) The overhead electric lines barely cleared the trees in some areas and this is all but a guarantee that there will be fires. Any Depression Era farmer would have taken one look at that an known that there would be trouble, yet in our age of professional planners with advanced degrees, these poor practices have become commonplace.

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