California Schools Drop Plan to Pray to Aztec Gods

A codex written after the conquest by a Spanish priest depicts Tenochtitlan's enormous skull rack, or tzompantli

Another lawsuit to the rescue!

Last year the California State School Board decided to include prayers to pagan Aztec gods in their “Ethnic Studies” curriculum. For those who are ignorant of history, the Aztec gods were particularly bloodthirsty and human sacrifice on a massive scale was how the Aztecs worshiped them.

California “educators,” citing a need to “confront racism,” blah-blah-blah, reckoned the 1.7 million kiddies in the program ought to pray to Aztec gods. That’s where the Thomas More Society lawsuit came in ( First Amendment says you can’t require anyone to do that.

The board settled the suit out of court, instructing all personnel to knock it off with the Aztec prayers while denying any liability for damages. There was also a lot of grumbling: “educators,” it seems, looked to heathen Aztec gods to counter “racial injustice.” The whole ethic studies buffet is liberally drenched in Critical Race Theory (“All whites are born evil, all non-whites are oppressed,” etc.).

Warning: Just because they’ve been scared off by a lawsuit does not mean the board has come to see the error of its ways. In all likelihood, that will never happen.

The only way to keep children safe from public education is to keep them out of public schools.


8 comments on “California Schools Drop Plan to Pray to Aztec Gods

  1. This is chilling. The false gods worshipped in pagandom are essentially demons, and as such actively crave the worship of humans. The Aztecs were not a good example of how to be compassionate humans. When Cortez went after the Aztecs, the other native peoples were happy, because the Aztecs were a major problem in the area, and made it difficult for these others to lead a peaceful life. I can’t see any benefit to admiring such a civilization as the Aztecs.

    1. If I recall, the Aztecs were relatively new to the region by only a few hundred years before the arrival of the Spanish. They believed the Aztecs immigrated to what is now Mexico from somewhere in the north. They managed to build an impressive empire in a short period of time and subjugated the tribes around them. The other tribes were forced to pay tribute, often with their own lives. Cortez capitalized on their hatred of the Aztecs and formed an alliance against them. The Aztec society was very occultic and human blood was central to their religion. Sometimes I wonder if God used Cortez as a form of judgment to bring down their evil empire.

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