‘Nothing Works,’ Part II

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Patty’s prescription must be refilled.

The brand-new CVS store, where we were to get it… closed. Just like that.

The pharmacists at the other CVS store don’t know what we’re talking about.

Robo-call: “Hello. This is The Legal Department.” They must think everyone’s retarded. “This is amazon.” “Hi!” Thick Indian accent; you could cut it with a knife. “This is Bryan O’Shaughnessy…” No it isn’t.

OK, now the other CVS pharmacist has found the medicine, after all. I’ve got to get there before they lose it again.

Why does a sparkling new store go belly-up? Could it be because nobody knows what they’re doing? Has business become some kind of birthday party game?

Honk if you think competent people are in charge. Anywhere.

7 comments on “‘Nothing Works,’ Part II

  1. Yesterday I had to go to Walgreens where we have prescriptions filled. The pharmacy was temporarily closed because of a Covid outbreak among the workers there (I’m sure they were all double-vaxxed and boosted), so I went to the other Walgreens and were they ever swamped. It is amazing how many legal drugs are consumed in this country, not to mention the illegal ones.

  2. No honking here. When I see a news segment, 4-5 people talking at once, I think, hmmm to one group, here is your bag of marbles, and to the other group, here are your marbles, now lets see what you can do with them kiddies.

  3. Don’t the CVS stores in your area do deliveries?
    I’d suggest getting your recurrent prescriptions through the mail, but the postal system doesn’t work very well, either.

    1. I just came back from there, mission accomplished. I don’t know if they deliver.
      Oy, vay! Depending on the Postal Service for life-preserving medicine… I think I’ll pass.

  4. I saw a news article that CVS is closing 900 stores over the next 3 years. Not good, my mom uses them too.

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