We Nead Spaice Hemlets!!!!!

Elope Space Man Helmet

One of Our prefessers “he” whent Crazie and “it” was Very Skary!!!! Do yiu know waht he doned??

He stratted Yelling “at” us and saying we “are” Tryying to Kill himb!!! he sayed we were “giving” himb COVID!!!! Becawse themb Massks thay doughnt Whork “and” Socile Ditzensing it doughnt Whork neether “”And Yiu “are” shooting Jermbs at me awl Day!!!”!” He was So mad,, he starrtid Cussing and wen that diddnt Whork he Smacked sevrul stoodints, he hitted themb “rihght” in the Haid!!!!!!!!!! Heed of did moar,, ownly the Kampus Kops caim and tooked himb “awaighy.”

Ah! Butt he “is” awl-rihght nhow!!! and we has awl lurnt a Lessen!!!

He comed Back thist Affternune and he “was So” hapy!! Becose nhow he hased a Spaice Helmlet on his haid and the Jermbs “thay caint” Get himb!!!!! That is himb in the pixture up Thare!!

So we “are” “gongto” demanned that the Collidge pro-vyde Spaice Hemlets for evry boddy (axept Chrischins!!) to maik “It” Unposibble foar “enny” Jermbs to Get at us!!!!!

We can aslo Use the Hemlets for becumbing Asstronuts!!!

5 comments on “We Nead Spaice Hemlets!!!!!

  1. Collige Joe must think he goes to a really cool college. Knowing Joe, he probably has had four boosters just to make sure fraudulent president biden approves of him – hail to the chief nuthead.

  2. Joe’s professor might have a point, but it illustrates only that the measures taken are of limited effect. One medical doctor, who seemed credible, felt that a properly worn surgical mask reduced the risk of transmission by 10%. The cloth masks that were popular in the beginning of this debacle were likely ineffective.

    This is classic. Ultimately, no chain is stronger than its weakest link, and the mask/social-distancing strategy is pretty limited, from what I can tell. There is something to COVID 19. Five acquaintances and two relatives have succumbed to it, but I also know of any number of people that had it and recovered quickly. The “benefits” of the measures taken are speculative in nature, and in the eye of the beholder. Since this started, I have held the opinion that this disease will run its course and any measures we take will be limited in effect, if they have any effect at all.

    Everything about the way this disease outbreak has been handled smacks of panic. I strongly believe in reasonable hygiene measures, and felt that way long before COVID 19 appeared. We should wash our hands often and avoid interacting with others if we are sick; that’s just good sense. A few years ago, we were hearing many stories of human waste in the streets and, at the time, I wondered if we weren’t setting ourselves up for some sort of epidemic.

    We can’t live in space helmets, or biological isolation suits. We have to go on with our lives. Joe’s professor may have a point about the efficacy of masks and social distancing, but his solution was even more wrong minded than the measures he found inadequate. Infectious diseases are everywhere. We successfully fight off diseases all the time, usually without even knowing it. Vaccines have helped with some diseases, but some diseases are all but impossible to vaccinate against. I suspect that the protection offered by the current COVID vaccines is fairly limited.

    Basically, virtually every infectious disease has the human immune system as its most effective adversary. I was exposed to COVID over a year ago and did not get sick. My banker had COVID, and didn’t even know that she had it until an antibody test revealed it, after the fact. Any number of others among my friends and relatives have had it, with usually mild symptoms. We will, as a species, prevail against COVID, and the Omicron variant seems to be doing the trick, because it spread very rapidly and usually had mild symptoms. In the long run, I predict that COVID 19 will be a tiny blip on the charts and that more people suffered because of the effects ineffective measures on the economy and society in general, than from the disease itself.

    1. I’m coming more and more to see this, uh, crisis as something that globalists pounced on as an opportunity to advance world government.

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