What? We Don’t Trust the Elites?

World Economic Forum: 50 years in 50 seconds - CNN Video

Have they any idea how funny they would be, if they couldn’t hurt us?

Yes, the World Economic Forum is cranking away, up there in the Alps, enjoying its “Great Narrative Conference” (We could have a contest to guess what that is).

Big shots expressed delight that the global elites are cozier with each other than ever before. That’s the good news (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/01/globalists-world-economic-forum-happy-get-along-shocked-no-one-trusts/). The bad news is that “in every single country” they checked, regular people do not trust them. Not a bit.

Ingrates. They don’t even trust Dr. Fauci, who took the floor to vilify his critics.

Archbishop Vigano says God will protect and help those who resist the New World Order. He has not been invited to address the Forum.

Gosh. Why don’t we trust a bunch of rich fat cats to rule the world? If we were even half as crazy as they think we are, we’d trust ’em.

Check out the Laura Ingraham video embedded in the GP article: Dinesh D’Souza on what it’s like to be on the ski slopes with nimrods who think they ought to rule the world.

10 comments on “What? We Don’t Trust the Elites?

  1. In order to be trusted, you have to prove trustworthy. Not one of these “people” have proved that.

  2. Kerry has never done a think to convince me he is trustworthy. Yeah, he married a rich woman, but that, to me is not a recommendation.

  3. The WEF was using Covid-19 for the Great Reset, getting the world used to obeying mandates. Now that the Plandemic narrative is falling apart, the WEF will switch to Climate Change – oh God, we are all going to die.

  4. A number of years ago, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was built in Cleveland, and every year they induct various bands. The process has been criticized for being quite political, and some bands that seem very significant have never been inducted. But, if you take a step back from the hoopla, it’s just a museum that has declared itself to be the Hall of Fame. In my humble opinion, it’s just a gimmick and only has the meaning that people assign to it. I assign it no meaning, so I don’t care about who is inducted and who is not. It’s a bloody museum, halfway across the country from me.

    So, the WEF is basically a self declared entity, and like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, they ultimately have only the clout that people allow them. If people are credulous enough to invest trust in them, that’s to the discredit of these people. The account of Babel tells it all. No such scheme of man will succeed, any more than the scheme at Babel did.

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