‘A Time to Stand Firm’ (2019)

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Remember our Free & Independent Democrat Nooze Media going positively batschiff, a few years ago, over kids from Covington High School, Kentucky, attending the annual March for Life, getting confronted by adult “activists” as they waited for their bus back home, and being branded by the media, from coast to coast, as biggits-haters-white-supremacists, etc.? They had to close the school because of all the threats of violence from Far Left morons who believed the BS noozecasts.

A Time to Stand Firm

Let’s see… Can we prove the media purposely did a hatchet job on these teenagers? Y’know what? I believe we can!

The student most prominently featured in the “news” sued Big Media and won out-of-court settlements with The Washington Post, CNN, and NBC. The bad guys paid up.

But don’t think they’ve learned their lesson. Obviously they haven’t. Our nooze media exist for the sole purpose of helping the Democrat Party acquire power over the American people.

Sue their pants off, every chance we get! And never, never, never give in.

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  1. The lawyer in our City Elders group sued our City Council for conducting business on the phone apart from the media. I was in the court room. The Board members claimed when they gave their consent to changing the Agenda they we not voting. Our lawyer lost the case but is appealing the decision to the next higher court. The City tried to make him pay $10,000 for suing them but the Judge knocked it down.

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