Oops! Washington Post Loses 500,000 Subscribers

All the President's Men (1976)

Get woke, go broke!

The Far Left “newpaper,” The Washington Post, has lost some 500,000 subscribers in the course of a year, down 20% from the 3 million they had going into 2021 (https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2022/12/14/nolte-far-left-washington-post-lost-500000-subscribers/). Advertising revenues are down 15%.

Layoffs are looming, the bosses say.

Still living on its laurels from “All the President’s Men” back in the 1970s, the Post is on the left side of every issue. It’s surprising that they’ve only lost a fifth of their subscribers. But if they keep on going the way they’re going, they’re sure to lose more.

The struggle of our time is populism vs. arbitrary rule by self-anointed experts and elites. One will win, the other will lose. It’s not given to every generation to have a clear picture of what their time in history is about.

May the Lord our God defend us–and equip us for victory.

‘Noozies Yelp Before They’re Bitten’ (2018)

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Remember when all the noozies decried Donald Trump’s new nominee for the Supreme Court as “controversial” and “dangerous”–before they even knew who it was?

Noozies Yelp Before They’re Bitten

He could’ve really crossed ’em up by saying he was gonna nominate Al Gore or Hillary Clinton but noozie protests convinced him not to. “If my nominee’s as bad as all that, well, heck, I’ll nominate Brett Kavanagh instead.”

(This presupposes that it’s actually possible to shame or embarrass noozies.)

‘A Time to Stand Firm’ (2019)

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Remember our Free & Independent Democrat Nooze Media going positively batschiff, a few years ago, over kids from Covington High School, Kentucky, attending the annual March for Life, getting confronted by adult “activists” as they waited for their bus back home, and being branded by the media, from coast to coast, as biggits-haters-white-supremacists, etc.? They had to close the school because of all the threats of violence from Far Left morons who believed the BS noozecasts.

A Time to Stand Firm

Let’s see… Can we prove the media purposely did a hatchet job on these teenagers? Y’know what? I believe we can!

The student most prominently featured in the “news” sued Big Media and won out-of-court settlements with The Washington Post, CNN, and NBC. The bad guys paid up.

But don’t think they’ve learned their lesson. Obviously they haven’t. Our nooze media exist for the sole purpose of helping the Democrat Party acquire power over the American people.

Sue their pants off, every chance we get! And never, never, never give in.

No Trump? No Ratings!

When to Bid Notrump (And How to Play It): Adam Parrish: 9781943727087: Amazon.com: Books

Play it too often and you’ll go down the tubes.

After four years of daily and nightly Trump-bashing, “mainstream news media” outlets–Our Free & Independent Democrat Nooze Media–find their readership plummeting, in one case by as much as 48% (https://yournews.com/2021/12/19/2269286/far-left-mainstream-media-loses-as-much-as-48-of-their/).

The Washington Post’s digital subscriptions are some 300,000 short of last year’s total.

President Donald Trump predicted it. “Without me,” he said last year, “their ratings are going down the tubes.”

Big-name ratings losers include the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Politico, The Hill, and others.

Couldn’t happen to nicer guys.

Tens of millions of Americans have caught on to the “news” and aren’t listening to noozies anymore. The numbers prove it.

Somehow Far Left Crazy took over our news media, our public schools, our colleges and universities, Hollywood, and even professional sports leagues. It happened right out there in front of us and we let it happen.

Now we have to put it right.images of

Noozie: School Board Meetings = ‘Insurrection’

WATCH: Parents Protesting CRT, Trans Ideology Arrested After Loudoun County  School Board Shuts Down Meeting | The Daily Wire

Don’t you just love it when leftids learn a new word and then use it at us a million times a day? Remember “gravitas”? And the buzzword for now is “insurrection.”

The Left is gettin’ grieved that parents are showing up at local school board meetings to demand an end of Critical Race Theory (“White people are bad!”) and transgender indoctrination leveled at their children (https://croatia.bpositivenow.com/jim-acosta-whats-next-a-riot-at-your-local-school-board-meeting/). These uppity parents should butt out of their children’s education!

CNN noozie Jim Acosta, desperately looking for a new place to hang his hat now that Donald Trump is out of office, called these kind of loud and contentious school board meetings an “insurrection”–because that’s what it is, from now on, whenever you don’t see eye to eye with these creeps–and accused the parents in Loudon, Virginia, of “trans-bashing and an anti-CRT moral panic.” And guess what? It’s Donald Trump’s fault!

What would America look like if these leftist zombies ever got their way? Pray we never find out!

I don’t know about you, but I truly can’t imagine what they want.

How to Make Your Ratings Go Up

Sales Graph Negative Means Disaster Down And Chart 3d Rendering Stock Photo  - Download Image Now - iStock

They could always try hanging the chart upside-down…

So there’s this noozie whose show is at the very bottom of the ratings heap, Brian Something… is it Swelter? Brian Swelter? (Nah, that’s the mean chef in Gormenghast.)

How is this fat bald guy supposed to get his ratings up? Believe it or not, he solved the problem.

By going on vacation! (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/05/awkward-cnn-hosts-ratings-go-slightly-away-vacation/)

Him not being there caused his show’s dismal ratings to improve. Only slightly, but one has to start somewhere. His show might really get a shot in the arm if he resigns and disappears from public view.

Noozies, we don’t love you anymore.

What Happens When You Appease the Bullies? (Ask Fox News)

Was appeasing Hitler actually a masterstroke? | Daily Mail Online

For some reason appeasement never seems to work.

Hey! Remember how Fox News, going down the home stretch in the election campaign, alienated a major portion of its viewers by turning against President Trump and suddenly running in the pack with all the Far Left nooze media? Remember how mad that made a lot of us?

We felt betrayed–and what has Fox News gotten for it? What was their reward for going over to the dark side?

Ta-dah! The Far Left wants them put right out of business, taken off the air (https://townhall.com/columnists/derekhunter/2021/01/26/democrats-only-embrace-cancel-culture-against-the-right-n2583687). “Should Fox News be allowed to exist?” pondered some fat-head on the Left. CNN, MSNBC, and the Washington Post have all called for Fox News to be snuffed out.

As Churchill once said of Chamberlain, he wants to embrace shame to avoid war–and he will get both war and shame.

That’s what Fox News got for betraying its viewers. They deserted their old friends and their new friends want them wiped out. Gee, not a dry eye in the house…


Noozie Worships Biden

Joe Biden is a man of faith. That could help him win over some White  evangelicals. - CNNPolitics

What’s wrong with this picture?

Welcome to the Day of Shame!

And who better to celebrate it for us than a member of our beloved Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc., a proud idiot from CNN, who sez the lights on the National Mall’s reflecting pool are “like extensions of Joe Biden’s arms embracing America” (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/01/cnn-hack-worships-biden-says-lights-national-malls-reflecting-pool-like-extensions-joe-bidens-arms-embracing-america-video/).

Yeah, yeah, it’s the voice of a god and not a man, we’ve heard that one before. These atheists are always looking for some corrupt pipsqueak politician to worship. They deserve it.

Lord, we tried to stop these abominations from being heaped upon our country, but we couldn’t.

Now all the bad stuff will come out of the darkness for everyone to see.