A Time to Stand Firm

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In one of the most spectacular displays of fake news yet, big-time nooze media jumped all over a bunch of high school kids for allegedly “taunting” adult “activists,” as the boys waited for their bus home from the weekend’s March for Life (https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/columnists/kass/ct-met-covington-catholic-dc-video-kass-20190122-story.html).

See, a couple of the kids had MAGA hats, so that meant they are White Supremacists so they have to be confronted by “activists” and called names and threatened… so then the nooze media can whip up some video showing the “activists as victims,” and so on.

What really happened? A group of “Black Israelites”–can anybody tell me why any black people would be fanatically devoted to abortion?–started yelling at the kids and calling them names, and then an old fraud of a “Native American activist” ran up and started banging his stupid drum in one kid’s face–and ooh, forsooth! they “bullied” him, too, and him a poor old war hero–and it all goes to prove that these kids have “White Privilege” or something.

Why did I call Big Chief BS a fraud? He’s a professional protester. He goes around the country protesting everything. No visible means of support. Oh– and what, pray tell, is the connection between “Native American activism” and abortion? What a load of pure crapola.

It has now been proved beyond a doubt that the whole incident was concocted, spun, and blown up by the Far Left Crazy and their owners in the nooze media. Even more shameful was the alacrity with which assorted pseudoconservatives who actually conserve nothing hopped on the “Native American activist” phoney’s bandwagon.

And then there was the “CNN personality,” who has no personality, who said, speaking of one of the boys who’d worn a MAGA hat, “Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s?” I nominate yours, doofus.

They had to close the kids’ school, Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky, and open it again yesterday–with “a heavy police presence” because of all the threats of violence by the Loving Left. As has become the custom among “progressives,” the children’s families were “doxed”–that is, their identities and home addresses revealed, so as to invite vandals or assassins.

Attention, Covington Catholic High School–this is a teachable moment: not just for you, but for all the decent normal people in America. Learn this, and learn it well.

The ungodly are out there in force, desperate to seize control of our country. They hate us, they hate our God, they hate our morality, they hate our way of life. And they lie: the truth is not in them. They are out there seeking to conquer us, to subjugate us–and they must be defeated. There more of us than there are of them, many times more, and we must dedicate ourselves to defeating them. For good. Because the only alternative they’ve left us is to be ruled by them–and we’re not having it.

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    1. See, everyone who’s not them as a Racist-Hater-Biggit-Fascist and *deserves* to be harmed… For the good of the planet, y’know.

    1. There were good reporters before there were journalism schools. I’m not a bit impressed with those schools’ product. Any reasonably intelligent person can figure out how to be a journalist after trying it for a little while. But journalism courses teach you how to be a prejudiced, close-minded liberal.

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