TV Chef Has to Hire ‘Cultural Appropriation Specialists’

How much farther does this woke schiff have to go before it just wipes out our civilization?

I don’t watch this stuff on TV, but I can read about it. British TV chef Jamie Oliver has had to hire “offense advisers” and “cultural appropriation specialists” to keep a host of left-wing loons from biting at his ankles (

Several times he’s been accused of Saying The Wrong Thing, especially in regard to the names of some of his recipes. In 2018 his tormentor was the Labour shadow government’s minister of women and equalities, she didn’t like what he called one of his dishes.

We don’t have a shadow government in America, unless you count Obama and his playmates. They’re more honest about it in Britain. Every political party has a make-believe government that can be plugged in, in case the real government suddenly capsizes.

Anyway, Chef Oliver doesn’t want to offend anybody–a doomed quest, an impossible thing. There’s always some jidrool who gets offended. There are also ninnies who want to feel offended. It gives their lives meaning.

Ooh-ooh! Why don’t we just ban and silence and cancel everything that might conceivably, possibly, somehow offend some doofus out there?

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  1. America has a deep state and it is the Council on Foreign Relations, and their magazine “Foreign Affairs.” They are the ones behind the New World Order. Ever heard of David Rockefeller’s autobiography? Read it sometime and he spills the beans.

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