‘What In the World Is This?’ (2019)

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I never did find out what this was really all about–a sign outside a church, advertising a night of… “revelry.” A “revelry service.”

What in the World Is This?

This was on the big sign at the entrance to the church’s driveway: you couldn’t not see it. I wonder how long it was up there.

We believe in having fun, all right; but revelry in the church seems to be pushing the envelope a bit too far.

*Sigh* Another weird sign of the times. Like the one that read “Fried Carpet.”

3 comments on “‘What In the World Is This?’ (2019)

  1. The word revelry has a broad definition, but unrestrained behavior is not promoted scripturally. I have no problem with using alcohol in moderation, and I have no problem with people getting together for a good time, but I would hate to see alcohol combined with worship services.

  2. It sounds like a bad choice of words. In Junior High I attended Methodist Youth Association meetings where we listened to music we could dance to. There was also ping pong tables – now that’s a good game! I would like to request “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.”

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