Justice and Poobah Don’t Mix

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Imaginary monster! Like Gun Violence

As the violent crime rate shoots through the ceiling in one Democrat city after another, the politicians–was it always such a shameful thing to be?–are beating the drum about “Gun Violence.” Gotta do somethin’ about Gun Violence!

This is ca-ca. There is no such real thing as Gun Violence. Gun Violence is an abstraction. The only reason to speak of it as a real thing is to try to deceive whoever might be listening.

No one has ever been or ever will be killed by Gun Violence. No: you get killed by violent criminals who use guns to commit crimes. The criminals are not abstractions; they are real. And they’re having a high old time lately because Democrat politicians, who run the blue cities and the blue states, turn them loose on little or no bail–just as if they hadn’t a care in the world about these villains committing more crimes, hurting innocent people.

We do not know why Democrat officials do this. By some weird political alchemy, they transmute a three-time rapist into a… “victim.”

What do you suppose would happen to the crime rate if murderers and rapists were promptly put to death, after conviction, and other felons got thrown into prison for a very long time? Not that Democrat politicians would ever allow it. They have to be smashed first before we can effectively protect ourselves from predators.

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  1. Yes, people kill people with guns. In fact, more are killed by people with knives than guns. California has a good law for a while where after three felony convictions you were in prison for life.

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